8th Grade

ACADEMICALLY: start working on good study habits and time management skills

ATHLETICALLY: Work on your skills, attend camps and clinics that focus on skill development

9th Grade

ACADEMICALLY: Start planning now! Take the right course and earn the best grades possible. 

Find your high school's list of NCAA approved core courses at eligibilitycenter.org/courselist

Sign up for a free profile page account at eligibilitycenter.org for information on NCAA requirements

Look at next year's dates for the PSAT and PLAN (pre-ACT) so you can start preparing. 

ATHLETICALLY: Start attending camps that have lots of schools in attendance. 

Create a list of DREAM schools, D1 schools, D2 schools, D3 schools and NAIA schools you are interested in. This list can be forever changing as you learn more about schools, softball programs and most importantly about yourself and your wants/needs

Email your list an intro letter and continue to follow up with emails before and following tournaments. 

Take unofficial visits to schools you are interested in or visit and tour campuses of colleges near tournament locations to give yourself an idea of different types of campuses. 

10th Grade

ACADEMICALLY: If you fall behind academically, ask your counselor for help finding approved courses you can take. 

Register for a Profile Page account or Certification account with the NCAA Eligibility Center at eligibilitycenter.org

Monitor your Eligibility Center account for next steps

At the end of the year, ask your counselor at each high school or program you attended to upload your official transcript to your Eligibility Center account.

Take PSAT and or PLAN

Look at next years dates for SAT and ACT so you can start preparing

ATHLETICALLY: You should have footage now from High School and travel ball to keep your social media, youtube channel etc. up to date. 

Continue to connect to college coaches by writing them, practice how you will speak on the phone to a college coach

Look for skills camps and showcases that will display your talents to the coaches of schools that you are interested in going to. 

11th Grade

ACADEMICALLY: Check with your counselor to make sure you are on track to complete required number of NCAA-approved courses and graduate on time with your class. 

Take the SAT/ACT and submit your scores to the Eligibility Center using code 9999

More information regarding the impact of COVID-19 and test scores can be found at on.ncaa.com/COVID19_Fall_E

Ensure your sports participation information is correct in your Eligibility Center account.

At the end of the year, ask your counselor at each high school or program you attended to upload your official transcripts to your Eligibility Center account. 

ATHLETICALLY: Start narrowing down school choices. Attend those specific school camps.


Arrange unofficial visits. 

Continue to post highlight films and send links to colleges

Film your skills video if you have not already. 

Personally call schools on your list and ask them if they are looking for your position for your grad year. 

12th Grade

ACADEMICALLY: Complete your final NCAA-approved core courses as you prepare for graduation.

Take SAT/ACT again, if necessary, and submit scores to the Eligibility Center using code 9999. 

Request your final amateurism certification beginning April 1(fall enrollees) or Oct. 1 (winter/spring enrollees) in your Eligibility Center account


After graduation, ask your counselor to upload final transcripts with proof of graduation to your eligibility center account.


ATHLETICALLY: Take official and unofficial visits. Narrow down list of schools you are interested in.


If you are still uncommitted, expand your search for  schools at different levels, consider JUCO. Eliminate the big softball schools unless you financially could walk on, these schools are most likely done recruiting by this point or do not have interest if you have not heard from them. And that's okay! there are lots of schools out there, lots of different levels, lots of places to play.  Most importantly, remember softball is 4 more years not a career for 98% of athletes