Attending a Junior College

Junior colleges are two-year universities that give student-athletes an opportunity to develop their athletic and academic skills in a post high school program. With more than 500 junior college softball programs, the opportunities are almost endless. And if you think these teams aren’t tough—think again! Many junior college softball teams have future D1 and D2 athletes on their roster who are there to hone their skills before they commit to a four-year school. For athletes who may not have the grades, finances or build yet for a four-year school, a junior college softball program can be a great way to gain experience competing against collegiate athletes while developing those essential skills.

Tuition and books for CA Junior College is currently free for CA residents. (this is called AB19) Some colleges offer more money through different grants. A lot of out of state Junior Colleges offer athletic scholarships . Although they all do not offer dorms many do or they offer other housing solutions with other softball or other sport athletes. 

Ask the coach about orientations offered such as athlete orientations to ensure that students register and enroll in the right classes. You want to create an ED Plan to follow and keep on track to be ready to transfer and be eligible to play NCAA or NAIA. 

National Junior College Athletic Association. There are three divisions in the NJCAA: Division I and II offer up to 24 scholarships and Division III junior colleges do not offer athletic scholarships. Some states have their own junior college baseball associations and you should make sure you understand the requirements and rules for the leagues that you are considering. Most (but not all) junior colleges have other scholarship and financial aid options for students. Be sure to find out what kind of support is available in your area.

What They Require: Most junior colleges allow any students who have graduated from high school or passed the GED to enroll in classes and be eligible to play softball.

CA Junior Colleges 2020 Ranking     

1.Mt. San Antonio

2.Monterey Peninsula

3.College of San Mateo


5.San jose City


7.Santa Ana


9.Sacramento City

10.Santiago Canyon


12.San Joaquin Delta

13.Fresno City

14.West Valley


NJCAA Division 1 Rankings 2021


1. Salt Lake Community College

2. Butler Community College 

3. Florida Southwestern State College

4. Grayson College

5. Wallace State Community College-Hanceville

6. Seminole State College (OK)

7. Howard College

8. Bossier Parish Community College

9. Yavapai College

10. College of Central Florida

11. San Jacinto College-South

12. Chattanooga State Community College

13. Three Rivers Community College

14. Indian River State College

15. Chipola College

NJCAA Division 2 rankings 2021

1. Phoenix College

2. Jones College

3. Louisburg College

4. Des Moines Area Community College

5. Itawamba Community College

6. Highland Community College - Kansas

7. Kirkwood Community College

8. Copiah-Lincoln Community College

9. Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

10. Labette Community College

11. Triton College

12. Johnson County Community College

13. South Mountain Community College

14. Parkland College

15. Louisiana State University Eunice

NJCAA Division 3 rankings 2021


1. Corning Community College

2. Rock Valley College

3. Rowan College South Jersey - Gloucester

4. Herkimer College

5. Joliet Junior College

6. College of DuPage

7. Suffolk CC

8. Mohawk Valley Community College

9. North Dakota State College of Science

10. Owens Community College

Some of Northern CA Junior Colleges

Sierra CC

Sac City

College of San Mateo

San Jose CC

West Valley

Butte College

Delta College

Solano College

Folsom Lake College

Cosumes River College

Diablo Valley

Things to consider when looking at attending a junior college...

Athletic/ academic support- do they have people in place to make sure you are taking the right class to transfer and get AA



Softball history of moving kids onto 4 year level

coaching phiosophy of playing time freshman vs sophomores

will they help you connect to college coaches to move you on

if you are a qualifier will they support you moving on after 1 year